Sunday, June 6, 2010

tweet up 2.0

When I graduated from college, KISS FM Seattle was my very first job. While not everything I did was glamorous, my time there fed my love of music and I made some rad friends. Sadly - I no longer work there. Luckily, my friends at the station still invite me to their events. On Saturday, my buddy Doormatt hosted his tweet up 2.0. (Back story - last year after warped tour, he invited five bands to come back to the city and play an invite/win only acoustic concert. It was a genius idea bringing fans closer to the favorite bands.) 

Soooo.... This Providence, A Rocket to the Moon, The White Tie Affair, and The Maine performed a few songs at The Canal overlooking the Ballard Locks. The weather was perfect - Seattle actually cooperated and gave us a warm sunshine filled afternoon. I didn't take any pictures, but my friend Tyler did. I have to steal his since it's from the view I watched the sets from. 

This Providence. - photo by @tyler1061
(awkward post performance shot.)

A Rocket to the Moon - photo by @tyler1061

The White Tie Affair - photo by @Tyler1061

The Maine - photo by @Tyler1061

It was an awesome day for live music. As much as I love full bands and rock shows. There is something so beautiful about acoustic sets. It's raw. There's no production to hide behind. Pure talent. It's beautiful. 

After the show/meet and greet, Reyna, Danielle, Karalyn, and I went to the Hard Rock Cafe. It's a total tourist destination, but we had to try it once. The food was good and the memorabilia was pretty rad. (There's a Nirvana drum set over the stairwell.) I'd probably go again for the rooftop bar or a performance on the second floor. On our way back to D's house, we ran into one of the joys of living in Seattle. The drawbridge. 

The Ballard Bridge
I couldn't resist posting this picture. 

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